Chocolate Wasted with Bells Pastries and Seattle Chocolates

Behind the Scenes with Seattle Chocolates 

Things to know... 

  • Established in 1991
  • Seattle Chocolate bars are still techiniqually truffles (melt away center)
  • jcoco is a special line of chocolate under the Seattle Chocolate brand
  • Every jcoco bar sold gives one serving of FRESH food to food banks in Seattle, San Francisco, and New York
  • The entire chocolate line is certified Kosher with many varieties also being gluten-free and vegan.
  • Rainforest certified and women owned  
  • Factory tours and tastings are now available in Tukwila, WA 

Chocolate Lovers Unite...  

CEO and Owner Jean Thompson, a self taught chocolatier, turned the company around in the early nineties after deciding to hop in the driver's seat. Seeing that something needed to change, and soon, Jean revamped the company while simultaneously landing the rights to make the world famous Frango Mint Truffles. Eventually making them for every Macy's store west of Chicago! Needless to say she was hungry for big change, and good chocolate. After years of building the name and creating community partnerships (Marshawn Lynch), Seattle Chocolates opened their doors to the public with plenty of tastes to go around. I got to try a few, specifically...

  • San Juan Sea Salt - Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar
  • Pike Place Espresso - Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar
  • Fresh Mint - Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar
  • Birthday Cake Batter - Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar
  • Bali Sea Salt Toffee - Jcoco Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Arabic Cherry Espresso - Jcoco Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Cayenne Veracruz Orange - Jcoco White Chocolate Bar
  • Agave Quinoa Sesame - Jcoco Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Frango Mint Truffle - Made for Macy's 
  • Pink Bubbles Truffle - Made with Pop Rocks
Truffle Wall in the tasting room of the factory

Truffle Wall in the tasting room of the factory

Cake... obviously referencing the Rihanna song

Jasmin Bell of Bells Pastries partnered with the great folks of Seattle Chocolates and jcoco to create a truly perfect Chocolate Decadence Cake. Meaning, I was lucky enough to land a tour and cake decorating class in one swoop! After getting a peek at the factory, the small group of us made our way back to our stations in the tasting room (after washing our hands) and began assembling something from dessert heaven. A chocolate layer cake filled with dark chocolate espresso ganache and frosted with swiss chocolate buttercream... no, i didn't share. (JK, you know i did) Knowing my way around the kitchen i didn't really need to take a decorating class, but Jasmin makes it look like too much fun on her social media. #FOMO

3 reasons to take one of Jasmin's classes... 

  • Every class with her is great because it will always be different, think macarons and eclairs)
  •  She really does teach cool techniques in easy ways
  • She partners with cool brands like Seattle Chocolates to do really fun events
  • An amazing photographer snaps the whole time so you can share the fun (and gorgeous) photos after. See more of Tanya's photography here

If you love chocolate like i do, then treat yourself to a tour with Seattle Chocolates (Percentage off retail purchases with tour) and learn a few things from Jasmin with Bells Pastries, because you owe it to yourself to get chocolate wasted and meet some new people... shout out to you Charity and Nayoung Kim! XOXO

PS... Jasmine was on Food Network's first ever dessert episode for their popular tv show "Chopped"! More via Seattle Met Magazine