When it comes to social media management and content distribution every strategist has their own approach and set of tools. If aligned with each platform's set of best practices, it will optimize content reach and potential virality. Monitoring your content engagement can wildly change how and when you post to social media, resulting in better engagement. These 3 tools have helped me immensely in developing my processes: 


Combining multiple platforms, Sprout allows for the account manager to monitor, schedule, and report on any account they may manage. Easy reporting, content scheduling, and trendwatching apps make this a one stop shop for any Social Media Manager. 


Between Photoshop, Lightroom, and Spark (new) - creating content has never seemed so easy. Adobe has been in the game awhile and it shows with the quality of their product and systems. It might seem spendy, but if you're truly delving into creating content as a profession i recommend buying ASAP.



Ever wonder how all those cool accounts get those photos that only move in one part? ie Moving pictures... Now you know! (One way) Photo/videographers also know how to create this content using different design applications, but this will help those on the novice level.