Travel Highs - Seattle

(This post is intended for those with prescriptions or those over 21 years of age in areas where recreational and medical marijuana consumption is legal.) 

Political Rant Before Reviews:

It is really hard for me to grasp the fact that marijuana is still such a taboo subject for so many people. With the amount of studies done and the countless diseases treated with it, I'm honestly in disbelief. Not only is there benefits to usage (in doses just like everything else), but it has been proven to help dramatically with symptoms of diseases like cancer and pediatric epilepsy. Note that children often use a CBD strain that doesn't change your state of mind or body... aka you don't get high.

People ask, "Why would you use it then?". See Below...

"Research shows that CBD benefits include acting as an anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antioxidant, antiemetic, anxiolytic and antipsychotic agent, and is therefore a potential medicine for the treatment of neuroinflammation, epilepsy, oxidative injury, vomiting and nausea, anxiety and schizophrenia" -Medical New Today

In most cases it is terminally ill cancer patients and the elderly using this product. It is a way to almost instantly cure symptoms for those in pain. It is also a great choice for those with anxiety problems, allowing people to get reengaged in their lives and reconnect with friends. 

Jeff Sessions is on the attack and there are ways you can help prevent him from taking more of these suffering people's money and putting it into the hands of the those that make pills and charge $2k for an epipen.  


Suggestions & Reviews

(Heads up, I prefer indica heavy strains) 

Now that I got that off my chest, here are MY favorite things in Seattle that will most definitely get you stoned. (For those in Washington States over 21 years of age, enjoy responsibly)

My Go-To Weed Shops

Ponder Seattle - Central District - The entire staff seems to know their stuff. Happy Hour everyday from noon to 4:20pm

Have a Heart - Belltown - Amazing selections with just about anything you need, plus you could get a chance to see Kitty Kitty Bang Bang herself! Plus, the rewards program is helpful. 

Hashtag - Wallingford - This shop is just great all around, including glass pieces and a great CBD section for non-smokers. 

(Suggestions based on price points and locations in Seattle) 


Brands to Support 

Top Shelf - It is really hard to beat this brand's variety of strains and quality of bud. I have never found seeds or over bearing stems and its always cured perfectly aka a top shelf burn. Highly recommend any of the kush, but the Girl Scout Cookies is out of this world good. 

The Hollingsworth Cannabis Co - While their flower is beautiful, I can't get over the JOYSTICKS! Seriously a good time for the true smoker. While these will put you down if you're not much of a smoker, they are perfect for your smokers crew or any party where you'll be sharing. (POC owned)

Blue Roots - When it comes to my love across the entire spectrum of products, its got to go to Blue Roots Cannabis. They have it all... really. Beautiful flower, extra tasty extracts, and well balanced edibles. But can get pricey! 

Falcanna - Hands down the best tasting strain is the Orange Blossom. Not just for the presence of orange flavors in the hit, but the weed itself seems to have adapted its own levels of flavor. Recommended for the #foodiestoners! The Pacific Blue is recommended for those looking for a creative indica strain. Not only does it calm you down, but this strain will allow you to continue working and creating in correct doses.

Green Revolution -  Recently got my wisdom teeth removed and seriously can't thank this brand enough. Not smoking was rough, but made easier with their "Beauty Sleep" tincture. I'm someone that won't take pain medication, I will not support those companies. So having something like this is amazing and gives me hope in the face of our National Opioid Epidemic.

20 doses set at 80mg THC | 40mg CBD | 20mg CBN


For Those That DON'T Want to Get High But Need Relief

Ask your budtender! Each store will carry their own selected lines, but are gaurenteed to have something CBD focused. When Washington first opened their doors to legal weed, I was super surprised to see mostly older people in line looking for pain relief. Check here for more info on what CBD actually means and how it could help you. Think of it as a natural pain killer, without being in pill form... although it could be, if thats what you really want. 

Please hit me up with any and all questions! I'm proud to say the entire West Coast is now legal for recreational marijuana and can give you recommendations in California, Oregon, and Washington.

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